Monday, January 21, 2013

We went to the beach in a snow storm!

Happy 2013! I hope your year is off to a terrific start. Ours sure is! We spent a fun-filled week last week with American Needlepoint Guild Senior Master Teacher, Sandy Arthur. Sandy spent three days sharing her love of needlepoint with us - and teaching us all kinds of wonderful decorative stitches and how to use them to make our canvases come to life! One of my favorite things about Sandy is that she always shares ideas on how to implement techniques you learn in her class on future projects. Here's our group hard at work!
B.J. is concentrating so hard...
...and so is Jane!
Here's a peek at the project in progress.
Sandy advises Pride on where to start the next row of stitching.
Alice T. is practicing the new technique she learned for creating life-like curls...
..and so are Becky, Alice H., and Alesia.
It began to snow...and snow...and snow...while we were all working so hard!
We forged on, though, and Sandy explained how to work padded satin stitches in a curve to Alice H., Becky, Linda, and Susan.
Donna is hard at work trying her hand at one of the myriad techniques that we learned from Sandy.
Linda, Donna's sister, came all the way from California to take Sandy's workshop!
And here's our happy group at Serendipity Needleworks at the end of the workshop (minus Pride and Alice T. who had to get on the road a little earlier in the day). It was such a wonderful three days - delightful stitchers, an awesome teacher, a darling project, and terrific food and true Southern hospitality at The University Club. What more could one ask?! Hmmmm, I think we'll have to do it again soon...say, in September?!!!